Precautions in pregnancy:

Don’t pick heavyweight like a water-filled bucket, box, heavy chair etc.
Don’t stand for a long time, if u have to stand in the kitchen for a long time then keep a chair there.
Don’t use stairs so much, if u don’t live on the ground floor then make a work detail and try to complete your are a task in one time up downstairs.

Don’t take outside food especially junk food like pizza burger etc and also try to avoid the heavy food of marriages etc it can because of infection.

Don’t take so much oily and spicy food otherwise ur problem of acidity can be increased.
Don’t take medicines without consulting ur gynecologist even for small problems too.
Avoid healing sandal at all. If ur a working woman then use flat sandals or without lace shoes.
Don’t wear tight clothes. Try to wear loose clothes in pregnancy. If you are working women then you can wear a long skirt and kurta or kurta slacks etc it can be the most comfortable dress for you. Avoid jeans fully.
According to some books if you use the much mobile phone in pregnancy then it can harm your baby. So try to use mobile when its necessary.
don’t watch horror movies or serial.
don’t do any work which disturbs you mentally.
try to avoid going outside. If it is compulsory then avoid  2 wheeler or 3 wheelers vehicles. Don’t go alone. Book a cab or taxi etc.
Don’t leave alone. if u live alone then keep ur mobile fully charge. so in the time of emergency, u can call ur partner.
In the time of pregnancy avoid smoking in fact if somebody smokes near you then maintain space with him too. passive smoking also harm your baby
don’t do any type of jumps etc activities in which a chance to fall down.
eat more then usually u eat. Keep in mind that a baby needs 250 to 300 calories so eat properly.
don’t keep fast etc. Eat a small amount of food in once but take frequently.
drink more water then usually u drink, take water frequently. Be hydrated. Because dehydration can be a cause of premature delivery.