12 Symptoms: Time To Call The Doctor

12 Symptoms: Time To Call The Doctor
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What is Time to Call The Doctor

Your body is getting changing so fast it is natural because you are going to give birth to a baby but to these rapid changes, it’s quite difficult to know that these changes are normal or good or not. As well as right time to call the doctor.

So if you feel any symptoms which are mentioned below then call you doctor immediately without delay because it can be dangerous for you and your baby.

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12 Symptoms that Indicates It’s Time to Call The Doctor

1. Change or absence of fetal movement ( baby’s kicking or turning) more than 24 hours after the 20th week.

2. Don’t take stress if you are getting weight because it is normal in pregnancy but if you are putting weight 4 pounds in a week then it can be a serious matter.

3. If you are looking swelling on your face or hand then contact your doctor immediately.

4. Vomiting that continues over several days and occurs more than 4 to 5 times in a day, particularly after the first trimester when morning sickness should have subsided.

5.  High fever, especially with chills, can be a sing of infection which is wrong in pregnancy.

6. Visual disturbance such as blurring or double vision.

7. Vaginal bleeding or spotting.

8. A severe headache which continues 5 to 6 hours in a day.

9. Burning sensation or pain when urinating are also a possible sign of bladder infection. Which can be the cause of premature labor. Urinating smaller is also can be a sign that something can be wrong.

10. Vaginal discharge, itching, etc also could be a sign of treatable vaginal infection.

11. Severe pain in above the stomach, and under the rib cage

12. Back pain which is regular or continues and doesn’t quit from a long time. If u r facing it then you should contact your doctor so that she can check that this pain is the normal pain of pregnancy or some infection in kidney or bladder.

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