Reasons behind crying of a newborn baby.

Reasons behind crying of a newborn baby.
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Cry of a baby is a way of communication. He/she very tells his / her problem to us by the way of crying because they don’t have any other idea.

Main Reasons behind crying of a baby.


is the most common reason for the cry of a baby. because your newborn baby’s small stomach can’t hold much food in once. so he or she feel hungry soon early in fact sometimes in one hour.

Tiredness :-

sometimes baby gets tired and wants to sleep but he is can’t say that so he or she start crying.

To get proper attention:-

to get attention differ from baby to baby, some baby want to get much attention. so when their parents try to do something they start crying for getting attention.

Nappy change:-

Sometime baby gets irritation on his skin from and want to get change nappy so he start crying.

Need to be held:-

 Baby needs lots of cuddling, physical contact to comfort her. so he or she get crying loudly.

All these reasons are based on my personal experience.

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