Pregnancy Month by Month

Pregnancy Month by Month
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Changes During Pregnancy Month by Month

Hi, friends if u r feeling morning sickness regularly, feeling changes in ur body, feeling tired all time without any work, ur pregnancy test report is positive then congrats. Because you are pregnant. Enjoy this time. Here I am going to discuss with u pregnancy month by month.

Pregnancy Month by Month

First month:-

In pregnancy first month you don’t need to worry, in this month may be you will feel morning sickness, so much tiredness, maybe you get need to go washroom again and again, maybe your skin color get changed, you can feel like vomit all the time, In this time you should avoid to pick heavyweight, and need to appoint a good gynecologist for you.

Second Month:-

In Pregnancy second month you need to care yourself a lot. It can be a tough time for you because in this month baby heart gets developed. In this month ultrasound, you can get the info that in which side your baby heard nd legs. In this month avoid driving two wheeler like scooter etc too, and tries to be comfortable. This is the time when u should start the calcium Iran etc medicines which you gynecologist refers you.

Third Month:-

In the process of Pregnancy during the third month, baby develop his bones nd other outer parts of the body like ear, nose, etc. In this month baby’s head take the biggest space. In this month risk at the higher stage.

Fourth Month:-  

In Pregnancy fourth month, the baby develops his hormones, in this time baby weight can be from 75 gram to 90 gram. In this time your baby heart beats get started.




Fifth Month: –

In Pregnancy fifth month baby can gain height near about 25 to 30 cms. Now u can feel the movement of your would be the baby. Normally in this month develop his fingers and toes.

Six Month:-

In Pregnancy, this month risk reaches the higher stage, some babies take birth in six months they called premature babies.  Doctors keep these babies in under observation or ICU for one or two months.

Seventh month: –

In this month of pregnancy you can feel the kick of baby. It can also the effect your sleep, nd digestion system too. Some babies also take birth in this month but that babies need special care.

Eight month: –

In this month your baby can take birth at any time. But as long time he will spend in garbh as more he will be healthy. Now your baby is fully developed.

Nine Month:-

Now your baby can come in your life anytime, its a time of happiness as well as some risky time too. So be carefull. Dont leave alone. Feel all the movement. Some babies take birth before the date of glycologist gives you. So be prepare for that.

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