First Day With Your Newborn Baby

First Day With Your Newborn Baby
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  The first day of you with your baby is a very special time. It is the first time when we see our baby, touch him/ her, the feeling of that movement can not be expressed in the words. On the first day, baby needs milk 10 to 15 the times because of his or her tummy like a small marble. So if u r starting with breastfeeding then it’s a perfect starting of bonding of baby nd mother.


 plays a very important role in the right growth of ur baby. its keep ur baby away from diseases like infection, diayeria, etc. so try to give baby breastfeed minimum 6 months.  In case if you are not fully prepared for breastfeeding then you can give the milk to a baby with a small spoon. as well as with the help of bottle and u can give her infant milk etc available in the market but only on the prescription of the doctor.

Keep Your baby close as much you can:-

In the first day of baby keep your baby close your baby as much as you can because baby start recognizes his / her mother after very few minutes of birth with the smell, and closeness of baby with mother gives the baby a safe and secure feeling.

Check the Nappy several time:-

In the first day your baby does not prepare for this world or life. so he/she pass the urine or potty several times, maybe it will irritate you.  so check the nappy of baby several time in an hour.






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