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About Me

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Hey Friends, Myself Ruchi Shukla,

I am a Housewife, I got married before 4 years and now I have a baby of 2 years. When I was pregnant I don’t have any information about do’s and don’ts during Pregnancy because I am living in a nuclear family. In fact, I understand very late the feeling of pregnancy because I  faced a lot of problems during that time. Everyone suggesting me their random views. I started to do whatever they suggest. Sometimes it was beneficial for me or sometimes it created the problems for me.

Especially My problems were at the peak from last month of pregnancy. These Problems follow me badly for three months. Even I was highly confused about first cloth of my child. Everybody suggesting their different point of views. Caring a Newborn child is really a challenge. But slowly I start my research on my own and fortunately, I find two women whose experience made my life very easy.

I know, I will forget all these experience after few years as I will become older. That is why I am starting this blog at this stage. I do not want that any other woman who is living in a nuclear family, face same problems like me. I will help her as per my best knowledge. Motherhood is really a divine feeling. So feel it without any confusion of do’s and don’ts Questions. I will try to answer your all queries related to pregnancy and as well as will tell you to post pregnancy activities too. Means how to grow your child. As well as I am sharing a list with thousands of Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names too.

At the end Congratulation for all women who are into MOTHERHOODNESS


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