Teething & Babies – 5 Easy Steps for Teeth Care

Teething & Babies – 5 Easy Steps for Teeth Care
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Won’t you feel happy to see the shining and white teethes with healthy gums of your junior? Why we feel happy? Because it is one the most painful stage of a growing child. As parents, it is our responsibility to make easy this process for our child. As well as making them strong to deal with Teething & Babies problem.

Now the main question, How we act on Teething & Babies?

Teething & Babies

Step 1 –

Never wait till the full growth of the tooth of your toddler to start the cleaning habit. As the tooth start coming you should start to wipe his gums after every feed. Use wet and warm soft cloth for it. As well as you can use a rubber cleaning device too. It is easily available in the market. It will make a grip on your finger so you can clean your baby’s teethers very easily. And yes save your finger from getting bitten from your junior J.

Step 2-

Avoid giving sweets the baby just before bedtime spatially any drink which contains soda and sugar. I advise avoiding juice too because that’s also carrying sugar. If possible avoid milk bottle in baby’s mouth or any other thing while your toddler is getting sleep. It increases the risk of cavities. Many of baby’s having this habit to keep the bottle in the mouth during sleep. Be sure not to appreciate this habit.


Step 3-

I have seen many times that parents give the first introduction of the toothbrush so late to toddler. Be sure as your baby turns 12 months introduce toothbrush as a new habit in the child. As they rise in the morning they should start brush first, after that anything else. There are so many brands and models with extra soft bristles baby toothbrushes in the market. If you develop this hobbit in early age, your baby will use toothbrush regularly as they will turn24 months and that time they would be taking solid meal too on daily basis.

Step 4-

I know you will be confused and will be the wonder when I tell you that as the tooth start growing means about from 12 months, meet the dentist. Yes, you heard it right I suggest Dentist.

Believe me

In this age, (few cases only) few dental problem erupt. Make sure your baby is not one of them. If there is any problem then you will get into know so quickly and after a very short treatment, this problem will end forever. It’s a precautionary step.

Step 5-

Many parents’ faces this problem while going through teething. They are swollen gums, high temperature, and loose motion of the baby. It’s really painful process for the child as well as the parents too. During this process, many of us become confused about next action plan. First make comfort your child, give him teething rings so they can chew. It makes baby little bit relaxation. Rub their gums in a while with a properly clean finger. And yes medicine to0 what is prescribed by the doctor. Few liquid medicines are there which make teething process very smooth for baby.

At this stage of age, baby cannot express his problem so they start cranking. Here I suggest you all parents, Be Patient, Be with your baby to relax him and make comfort him.

Happy Teething & Babies 🙂

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