10 Things to make your toddler Busy with fun.

10 Things to make your toddler Busy with fun.
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10 Things to make your toddler Busy with fun.


Yes, Every mom tries to keep his /her baby busy with fun, and it is not easy.  In today ear the percentage of working mothers are more than the house mother. And the mother which are not working also has lots of work to do in the home.

So this article for those mothers who are in the home with lots of work, but they did not find time to complete their work because of their little once.

Here I am going to share some things which are very helpful for engaging baby and also develop their brain too.


  1. Paints and Colors:- Normal all kids like to play with colors, so Spread some old newspaper on the table and give your child a few sheets of paper. Open up just two colors of face paint (colors which are nontoxic and safe for children’s skin) and ask her to dip two or three fingers of each hand into color and then make patterns on the paper.  You Can also give them potato piece or any other things to dip in color. If you feel too messy in it then you can try Crayons and a coloring book Three-year-olds also love drawing patterns with a stencil and older kids can use tracing paper to draw their favorite superhero.


  1. Dough / Clay:- Dough is also a Great option for keep children engage, Today time there are lots of Readymade option of these type of things in different color. Different colour and different shaped molds can also encourage your child. And it’s a fun learning If the clay is not easily available then you can try old atta ( dough ) from your fridge.


  1. Art and Craft Projects:- Simple art and craft projects is a good idea for making your toddler busy, Draw a big object like a balloon or a bus with a lot of free space inside. Give your child a stick of glue and a whole lot of odds and ends like wrapping paper bits, candy wrapper bits, buttons, crepe paper, satin ribbon pieces, cotton, etc. and ask her to stick it within the outline. Child-friendly scissors that have plastic blades are perfect to keep them occupied with old newspapers and also develop their finger muscles. Or you can also take an idea of this type of art and craft from playschool, day care etc.

10 Things to make your toddler Busy with fun.

  1. Music and dance:- Musical toys like drums, pianos are a good option for engage toddler. You could also play some groovy music and let your little enjoy being the next dancing sensation.


  1. Matching Color Games:- Matching Color game is a good option, for this you can take a try and put some color pom poms in that and give it to your baby for separating the same color. With this game baby engage and also inspire for learning colors and counting too.



  1. Sorting and matching:- Seat your child in his high chair when you are in the kitchen and give her some things like rajma, peas etc and say her to sort them and put them in the different container.  These activities are used by child experts to develop their fingers as well as to stimulate their mind by differentiating between different sizes, shapes, and colours. You can also place a chart showing different vegetables and fruits (you get these readymades in any stationery shop) and give her a basket of fruits and vegetables and ask her to match the real fruits with their pictures


  1. Puzzles:- Three and four piece puzzles of animals and fruits are a great way to keep your toddler occupied. There are also matching puzzles available that have mother and baby animals on separate cards that need to be sorted and matched. Other puzzles include woodcut puzzles which have animal, vegetable or vehicle shapes which need to be matched to the correct cut out in the block of wood. Giant flash cards of animals, numbers, alphabets and other things prompt recognition and speech and don’t require you to hold them up for your toddler to see.


  1. Blocks:- Blocks is a very simple and good option for keep toddler busy, It inspires toddler towards creativity of the mind. Give some blocks to kids and let them play and say them to show your creativity from blocks designing.


  1. Pretend Play:- Arrange all your baby’s stuffed toys and dolls in a circle for a doll party and ask her to lay out small pots and pans and things from her kitchen set in front of them. Cut bread, biscuits or cakes into tiny bites and pour sips of lemonade into small glasses and let her enjoy a little party.Playing house, doctor-patient or pretend shopping are all ways in which a child tries to imitate her parents and feel like a grown-up. Just provide her with a shopping basket, play money, a few vegetables or a doctor set and watch the hours of fun emerge.


  1. Pictures Books:- Pictures books is also an excellent option for engaging the kids, Put some pictures books in front of kids, colourfull pictures of books inspire kids for getting knowledge about the picture, and also helpful for brain development.

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