10 Things keep in mind in the time of sleep for babies.

10 Things keep in mind in the time of sleep for babies.
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Is your baby sleep a lot?  Is your baby sleeping in a safe Place?

Yes, all the mothers have the same answer that my newborn baby or infant spend a lot of time in sleeping and I keep my baby sleeping area very neat and clean.

According to child expert, there can be lots of hazards when the baby sleeps or trying to sleep,  and their expert advice tells the certain things which can help reduce the risk of these hazards.


  1. Avoid to smoke in the same room where baby is sleeping.:-
  2. Place your baby on their back to sleep, not on front tummy or their side.
  3. It is advice able that don’t share the bed with the baby if you have been drinking alcohol or a smoker.

The Risk of Bed Sharing also increased  if your baby :

  • Was premature (born before 37 weeks )
  • Was of low birth weight ( less than 2.5 kg )

There’s also the risk that you may roll over the bed in sleep and suffocate your baby etc.

  1. Don’t sleep on a sofa or an armchair with your baby.
  2. Keep your baby’s head uncovered. Baby’s blanket should be not higher than his shoulders.
  3. The safest place for a baby to sleep in the same room where his parents sleep minimum 12 months.
  4. Don’t let your baby too cold or too hot.
  5. Avoid the shared bed with your baby if you are very tired.
  6. Do not use extra bedding like pillows. Avoid excessively soft bedding and pillows that can mold around a trapped baby’s mouth and cause suffocation.
  7. Do not leave items such like toys and stuffed toys in the cot ( if your baby is sleeping in a cot ) because these items can be used by the baby as footholds to assist the baby in climbing out of the cot and can cause suffocation.

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